Types of Ordinary Food During the Day

Pat Smyth

Pat Smyth 21st July 2017 Skylark Centre, Athenry, Co. Galway

Types of Ordinary Food During the Day

Interviewer: Clare Doyle (CD)

Interviewee: Pat Smyth (PS)


CD: Pat, do you remember your first day at school?

PS: I remember, I remember…I don’t remember my first day, the very first day I went…

CD: You were only a small lad then

PS: Yeah

CD: Did you like school

PS: I did, I was in infants

CD: You had a nice time in school?

PS: Yeah, there was low and high infants

CD: That’s right. And do you remember when you went to school what you used for your lunch during the day?

PS: Usually we got ‘summer county butter to put on the bread and they call it, they call it ‘summer county’

CD: And did you like it?

PS: I did

CD: Was it brown bread, was it?

PS: It was brown…cake with bread soda in and…

CD: You’d have that every day, would you?

PS: … and currents, sometimes currents

CD: That sounds nice

PS: Current cake

CD: And would you have a drop of milk or tea or anything with it?

PS: No

CD: Would you not?

PS: No, I wouldn’t

CD: And when went home in the evening time after school, would you have you have your dinner then?

PS: I would

CD: What would you have for the dinner

PS: I’d have potato or turnips

CD: And did you have any meat?

PS: I had bacon or mutton

CD: Yeah

PS: And did you like it?

PS: I did



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