The Stations

Margaret Heagney

Margaret Heagney 21st July 2017 Deerpark Social Services Centre, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

The Stations

Interviewer: Clare Doyle (CD)

Interviewee: Margaret Heagney (MH)


CD: And the tea then for the Stations and the likes of that?

MH: Oh, the Stations was a big, big job

CD: You kind of, had to take your turn?

MH: The priest coming…We lived in a thatched house

CD: Oh, very nice

MH: Yes. Just over the kitchen table was a portion and that was painted white because it t’would be over the altar

CD: Ah right

MH: Yeah. And the house was scrubbed from top to bottom and sure there was no parlours or sitting rooms. In the kitchen and a cup of tea and that was it, whatever they had

CD: And would you have had a bit of cake maybe, a current cake?

MH: Yes! But that was just at…what you would call a “spotty dog” now. Just a current cake we call it

CD: Would it be simple enough?

MH: Very simple, everything was and at Christmas you might have jelly and custard and that was it

CD: That was a great thing to get?

MH: Oh! Sure, it was a treat, we wouldn’t get that only once a year


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