Sisters of Mercy Cemetery, Clifden

Nuns Graves

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Sisters of Mercy Cemetery, Clifden

Nuns Graves

The following table shows the graves of the 66 nuns that are buried in the Sisters of Mercy Cemetery in Clifden. The photo gallery shows each of the graves along with a schematic of the cemetery showing the positions of the graves within the cemetery.


Grave NumberNameInscription
8BodkinSr. M John Bodkin  02nd May 1929  R.I.P.
64BrannickSr. M Margaret M Brannick  17th Dec 1982  R.I.P.
59BriminghamSr. M De Sales Brimingham  31st Mar 1876  R.I.P.
47BurkeSr. M Agatha Burke  03rd Apr 1978  R.I.P.
9ByronSr. M Conception Byron  16th Oct 1988  R.I.P.
27ByronSr. M Mercy Byron  02nd April 1954  R.I.P.
14CameySr. M Evangelist Camey  01st Apr 1982  R.I.P.
36CareySr. M Francis Carey   20th Feb 1876  RIP
10ColganSr. M Alphonsus Colgan  01st Nov 1945  R.I.P.
40ColleranSr. M De Sales Colleran  20th Jun 1902  RIP
54CullinaneSr. M Stanislaus Cullinane  06th July 1875  R.I.P.
2DonnellanSr. M Clare Donnellan  11th Apr. 1944  R.I.P.
3DonnellanSr. M Baptist Donnellan  06th April 1937  R.I.P.
37DuaneSr. M Philomena Duane  10th May 1891  RIP
39DuaneSr. M Regis Duane 15th June 1935  RIP
24FeelySr. M Agatha Feely  13th Oct 1925  RIP
43GeraghtySr. M Lucy Geraghty  05th Mar 1952  R.I.P.
15HeaneySr. M Benedict Heaney  23rd Apr 1990  R.I.P.
33HeaneySr. M Jarlath Heaney   09th Mar 1994  R.I.P.
16HennellySr. M Joseph Hennelly  27th May 1992  R.I.P.
48HessionSr. M Sacred Heart Hession  21st Jan 1980  R.I.P.
7HughesSr. M Gertrude Hughes  30th Jan 1933  R.I.P.
19HughesSr. M Agnes Hughes  24th May 1922  RIP
56HughesSr. M Clare Hughes  17th Nov 1893  RIP
46HylandSr. M Antonia Hyland 08th Dec 1968  R.I.P.
4JohnsonSr. M Catherine Johnson  17th Jun 1943  R.I.P.
11KeameySr. M Josephine Keamey  25th Sept 1947  R.I.P.
13KeameySr. M Stanislaus Keamey  15th Mar 1975  R.I.P.
34KeimanSr. M Aloysius Kieman 01st Aug 1919  RIP
66KellySr. M Peter Kelly  30th Oct 1988  R.I.P.
31KennedySr. M Michael Kennedy  29th Aug 1979 R.I.P.
53KingRev. Mother Augustine King  17th Nov 1876  R.I.P.
30LardnerSr. M Rose Lardner 01st Jan 1970  R.I.P.
6LeahySr. M Ligouri Leahy  22nd Nov 1937  R.I.P.
58LeahySr. M Gabriel Leahy  03rd Apr 1897  R.I.P.
20LeeSr. M Francis Lee  23rd Jun 1928  R.I.P.
26LeeSr. M Joseph Lee 26th May 1912  R.I.P.
41LydenSr. M Magdalen Lyden  12th Jun 1926  R.I.P.
17LydonSr. Maura Lydon  4th of April 2013  R.I.P.
29MaloneySr. M De Sales Maloney  18th Mar 1958  R.I.P.
52McCarthySr. M Bemard McCarthy  29th Mar 1892  R.I.P.
50McDonaghSr. M Joseph McDonagh 19th Jan 1965  R.I.P.
49McNultySr. M Elizabeth McNulty  01st Jan 1998  R.I.P.
32McWalterSr. M Teresa McWalter  18th Dec 1988  R.I.P.
65MorleySr. M Gabriel Morley  30th May 1990  R.I.P.
12MurphySr. M Paul Murphy  31st Jan 1947  R.I.P.
5MylotteSr. M Gonzaga Mylotte  04th Oct 1935  R.I.P.
18O’BrienSr. M Gabriel O’Brien  16th Jan 1908 R.I.P.
45O’DonnellSr. M Patricia O’Donnell  01st Jan 1961  R.I.P.
28O’DwyerSr. M Bridget O’Dwyer  09th Dec 1960  R.I.P.
57O’DwyerSr. M Margaret M O’Dwyer  19th Jan 1895  R.I.P.
51O’MalleySr. M Agnes O’Malley  04th July 1865  R.I.P.
60O’MalleySr. M Teresa O’Malley  21st Aug 1900  R.I.P.
21RevilleSr. M Zavier Reville  15th Nov 1913  R.I.P.
1RyanSr. M Vincent Ryan  11th Jul 1944  R.I.P.
23RyanSr. M Vincent Ryan  18th Nov 1918  R.I.P.
25RyanSr. M Mercy Ryan  03rd Feb 1905  R.I.P.
38RyanSr. M Ignatius Ryan 03rd Dec 1927  R.I.P.
42RyanSr. M Rose Ryan  16th Nov 1906  R.I.P.
55RyanSr. M Alacoque Ryan  15th Apr 1882  R.I.P.
61RyanSr. M Berchmans Ryan  07th Oct 1961  R.I.P.
62RyanSr. M Martha Ryan  21st Nov 1965   R.I.P.
44ShanahanSr. M Angela Shanahan 10th Jul 1954  R.I.P.
63WardeSr. M Conception Warde   10th Jan 1976  R.I.P.
22WhiteRev. Mother Teresa White (Foundress)  10th Oct 1888  R.I.P.
35WhiteSr. M Alphonsus White  30th Jun 1874  R.I.P.



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