The Town of steeples


©C. Corcoran. 2012

©C. Corcoran. 2012


The Town of steeples


Shams, Good humoured people

A high king sat with his golden crown

A traveller came and settled down

His broken wheel can be found

On the crest of our market town


Thatched house beside railway gates

Crowds passed through stadium gates

Where Purcell and Stockwell there once graced


Christmas tree

lights the square

Market stalls every where

Turkeys and geese for the Christmas feast

Children anxious for their treat


Smell of pulp we loved of course

The life of Tuam

its work force


High cross once adorned the square

With a Weigh bridge of yester year

Corner boys Town hall they claim

The Shine on the wall is their only fame

First taste of Guinness rustic vaults

First shape I throw Amarillo Dance hall

Palace grounds and pitch and putt

Can of cider under the bush


Jarlaths, the Mercy, pres and brothers too

Educating all us poor fools

Pres Girls on the grounds

Davie Carton used to hang around


Blaze X set the town alight

Jersey bar the saw Docs sang all night

Paddy Quinlan snooker hall

Pay me was his only call

Packi Welsh R.I.P

At Underage he trained me

Ja Fallon super Star

Noted here and afar

Charlie ward on the field

Blows his whistle

Lads, cut out that messing please


Tub Fahy’s down from the square

Hob nailed boots you could buy a pair

Connaught Arms for the morning Dew

24 hour shop for the select few

Junnie Loftus down the back

Plenty of room sham that’s a fact

Miko Ralph on the Square

Fish on Fridays for lent every year

Pete Finnerty serving chips

With two all Irelands in his grip

Matt Gormally delivering the post

Give that to your auld sham

It’s the “Rock n Roll”


Parking metres on our streets

Community Wardens taking a peek

Some people smoking pot

Sadly others lost the plot

Hood rats, Spoilt brats

The Judge sent down a few at last

Padraic Stevens came to town

Said he lay some music down

With his guitar and pen in hand

He found the sham sound

Willie Gleeson’s for the news

That’s where the auld lads

Gathered and perused

Take the budgie to the smuts

Drop the paw

Chance your luck

Joe O’Toole built a road where it starts

No one knows.

What’s the story?

What’s the G?

Your Jill’s a gomey with that caidai

Who’s the beaur with the red thatch?

Lively sham the shades are back

This is the town where I grew

This is the town where my heart is true

This is the place my bones will rest

This is Tuam,

Are ya wide yet?                                                                         ©C. Corcoran. 2012

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