Slater’s Commercial Directory of Ireland 1846


Post Office

Catherine Thomas, Post Mistress

Letters from all parts arrive (from Galway) every evening at seven and are dispatched thereto every morning at six.

Gentry and Clergy

Adamson Mr Christopher Paul Kenny

Ash Rev. James, Tully

Blake Henry Esq. Renvle House

Bodkin Walter Esq. Omey

Colles Mr William H Ferry hill

Conneys Mr William, Aughness

D’Arcy Hyacinth Esq. JP Clifden Castle

Devonish Mrs Eliza, Lough glen

Duan Mr Patrick, the Cottage

Duncan Rev. Joseph, Roundstone

Firmen Mrs P, Rushnacaragh

Fitzmorris the Very Rev. Peter, VG Clifden

Foster Rev. Mark A, Clifden

Gibson Mrs, Ardbear House

Graham Francis J Esq, Ballinakill

Griffin Rev. John PP, Tully

Jones Samuel Esq. Ardbear House

Lambert John Esq. Enislamin

Lester Mr Richard, Ross Cottage

Levingston Mrs Julia, Glenerne

Lynch Edward Esq. Fahey

McDonnough Mr Valentine, Manin House

Madden Bassil Esq. Omey

Martin Thomas B Esq. MP, Balinahinch Castle

Morris Anthony Esq. Bay View

O’Neil John A. Esq. Bunnowen Castle

Rossborough Mr John, Clifden

Shea Gartside Esq, Shinnernagh

Smyth John Esq. Killeries

Syer Capt William (Inspector of the Coast Guard), Glenowen

Thompson General Alexander, Streamstown House

Yeates Mr William, Balinakill

Professional Persons

Bodkin Christopher MD and Surgeon

Bodkin Francis, Druggist

Jones Samuel, County Surveyor Ardbear House

Mahon Bartholomew, Land Agent

Morgan Robert J., Surgeon

Pierce William, Surveyor, Clifden House

Suffield William Henry, MD and Surgeon


D’Arcy James, Clifden

Hildebrand Henry, Clifden and Boffin Island

Levingston William (corn), Clifden and Westport


Carr Paul (family, commercial and posting)

Hart Martin R (family, commercial and posting and agent to the London Corporation Assurance)

Public Houses

Connegs Matthew

Connelly William

Corbett James

Davies Catherine

Joyce Redmond

Kearney Henry

King John

King Stephen

Lydon Michael

Moughan John

Mullen Francis

Mullen John

Mullen Patrick

Mullen Martin

O’Dowd Anne

Prendergast James

Shopkeepers and Traders

Connolly Andrew, Draper

Connolly James, Draper

Connolly John, Draper

Corbett John, Earthenware Dealer

Creighton Abraham, Corn Miller

Cribban Tobias, Tailor

Faherty Michael, Leather Seller

Faherty William, Earthenware Dealer

Gorham Anthony, Hardware Dealer

Graucy James, Baker

Griffin John, Baker

Griffin Roger, Grocer

Healy Patrick, Contractor

Higgin James Hardware Dealer

Higgin Michael Colour Dealer

Joyce Austin, Boot and shoemaker

Joyce Michael, Draper

Kean William, Earthenware Dealer

Linskey Michael Provision Seller

Lyden Thomas Pawnbroker

McCabe John, Shoemaker

McDermott John, Hardware Dealer

McDonnell John, Marble Polisher

McDonnell Patrick, Marble Polisher

McGuinness John, Draper

Mullett Martin, Grocer

Needham James, Tallow Chandler

Nugent James, Shoemaker

Nylan James, Boot and Shoemaker

O’Connor Michael, Draper

O’Meara John, Draper

Reilly Michael, Clothes Dealer

Robinson John, Salmon Curer, Roundstone

Wallace Stephen, Draper

Places of Worship and their Ministers

Established Church – Rev. Mark A. Foster, Curate; William Galaher, Clerk

Roman Catholic Chapel – The Very Rev. Peter Fitzmorris, Parish Priest; Rev. Eugene O’Coyne and Rev. Peter Roche, Curates

Franciscan Monastery – James G. Carroll, Superior

Public Institutions

Bridewell – Dominic Kerrigan, Keeper

Constabulary Barrack – James Ireland, Esq. Sub-Inspector

Court Hours – Paul Carr, Keeper

Dispensary – William H. Suffield, Physician; Francis Bodkin, Apothecary

Free School – William Galaher, Master

Loan Fund – James D’Arcy Esq, Treasurer; Glenern C A J Piesse, Secretary; William Galaher, Clerk

Stamp Officer – Martin R. Hart, Distributor

Union Workhouse – Griffin, Clerk


To Galway – Bianconi’s Car from Carr’s Hotel every morning at six; goes through Oughterard, Mr Paul Carr, Agent







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