Muirdeach Maher

Muirdeach Maher 21st July 2017 Skylark Centre, Athenry, Co. Galway


Interviewer: Clare Doyle (CD)

Interviewee: Muirdeach Maher (MM)


[It’s someone’s birthday]

MM: ..and they’re going to have a party for her

CD: What will you have to eat at the party?

MM: They said, “will you come?” and I said, “I will!”

CD: Lovely, sure you may as well

MM: Yeah

CD: There will be birthday cake

MM: Birthday cake

CD: Yeah

MM: Maybe Dolores might want one, I had mine and Paddy Burke’s and it was a laugh!

CD: Was it?!

MM: It was!

CD: What else did you have to eat at the birthday? You had the cake

MM: Cake and then we had Gussy Forde playing and used to take photographs

CD: Very nice

MM: But now, but now that’s all gone and we had a party, me and Liamie and Michael. Michael had an appointment today but Michael’s party was the same time as Liamie. A girl and a man came out and asked them, whose birthday it is? I said Liamie and Michael and I sang one more song

CD: Lovely, so you had a party and there was singing and there was cake?

MM: Yeah, in the house in Claregalway

CD: Yeah, sure that sounds like a nice day

MM: Yeah, that what we had

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