Other Food at Home

Paddy Kelly

Paddy Kelly 21st July 2017 Skylark Centre, Athenry, Co. Galway

Other food at home

Interviewer: Clare Doyle (CD)

Interviewee: Paddy Kelly (PK)

CD: Where you ever on a picnic Paddy?

PK: No, no, I was never on a picnic

CD: I suppose being in the bog is a bit like a picnic, isn’t it?

PK: Maybe I was when I was younger

CD: When you were a small lad maybe?

PK: When I was younger, but don’t remember it

CD: Yeah, and did you have chickens at home when you were a small lad?

PK: Mmm, I think, so

CD: And did you milk the cow, were you able to milk the cow or did you have cows?

PK: We hadn’t cows, no [inaudible]

CD: And did you have to buy the milk so in the shop?

PK: We had to buy it. We had an aul sow.

CD: Had you? And was she a pet?

PK: She was a pet, yeah.

CD: And did you have a name for her?

PK: Ah, no

CD: No. And what happened to her, did you sell her?

PK: We sold her, we sold her.

CD: Right. And did you have any other animals at home? Besides the sow…and the chickens?

PK: No, we had nothing else and the chickens, nothing else

CD: So, you had to buy things in the shop then really?

PK: [inaudible]

CD: And did you drink tea when you were small, you had tea and coffee?

PK: I drank tea when I was small yeah

CD: Yeah, you’d have the cup of tea. Do you like the taste of coffee, did you ever taste it?

PK: I did, I did taste it

CD: You’d rather the tea though, would you?

PK: I would, yeah

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