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Baile na bPoicí / townland / homestead

In the northwest area of Kilthomas is Ballynabucky. Kilthomas is in the barony of Kiltarton. Ballylee is bound by Drummore Hill, Shanwalla, Gurtalummon, Culmore, and Garden Blake. 

O’Donovan’s Field Name Books documented two other spellings used, Balinnabucky and Baile na Bucaigh.The county cess or tax was 1 shilling 2 pence. The Proprietor was Mr. Gregory, the rent was £1 per acre. The townland was mainly rough pasture with tillage. 

The Down Survey Map provided no townland information (25/04/20240).

Griffith’s Valuation 1855

In the townland of Ballynabucky, William H. Gregory owned all the land in 1855. The following leased holdings of house, office, and land. James Donnellan’s area was 10 acres, 0 perches, 10 roods for £5-15-0. Michael Mulkerrin (12-3-13) for £6-5-0, and John Prendergast (18-2-6) for £6-10-0. The following holdings were of a house and land: Honoria Cahill (2-2-15) for £1-5-0, John Healy (11-1-6) for 4-10-0, and John Cahill (12-1-26) for £5-10-0. John Burke leased 2 holdings, house and a small garden and land (11-1-12), for £3-5-0. Marky Lally leased land (7-0-5) for £1-0-0. John Cahill, John Prendergast, John Burke, and Mark Lally all leased a holding of land (8-0-34) for £1-0-0 each. John Cahill, John Prendergast, and John Burke also leased another holding, a bog (20-3-1) for £0-15-0 each. 

The total annual valuation of rateable property paid overall was  £40-5-0 for 117 acres, 0 roods, and 8 perches of house, offices, and land.

1901 Census 

No results on the national archive website (20/03/2024).

1911 Census

In 1911, there were 4 households recorded in Ballynabucky. There were 23 inhabitants, 12 males and 11 females. All occupants  were Roman Catholic and born in County Galway. The houses were built as private dwellings. The roofs were made of wood, thatch, or other perishable material. The walls were made of stone, brick, or concrete. 

Bridget Cahill (67) was a widow who lived with her children, Pat Cahill (34) and Lizzie Cahill (23). Bridget had 8 children, 5 of which were still living in 1911. Pat was a farmer who was married for 6 years, he had 2 children. All three Cahill family members could read and write. Pat and Bridget spoke Irish and English, Lizzie just English. Lizzie was single. The family lived in a 2nd class house with 3 rooms, 3 front windows, and 1 cow house. Bridget owned the land on which her house was situated.

Líam Dé Búrca1 (William Burke) (64) was a farmer who lived with his wife, Máiread Dé Búrca (Margaret Burke) (55), and their unmarried children, Páidhraig Dé Búrca (Patrick Burke) (33), Tomas Dé Búrca (Thomas Burke) (29), Áin  Dé Búrca (Anne Burke) (22), Máiread Dé Búrca (Margaret Burke) (19), and   Brighid Dé Búrca (Bridget Burke) (15). The couple was married 35 years and had 7 children living out of the 9 born, as of 1911. All spoke Irish and English, and could read and write. The sons were listed as farmer’s sons. The Burke family lived in a 2nd class house with 3 rooms and 3 front windows. On William’s property was a stable, a cow house, 2 piggeries, and a barn. William owned the property.

Bryan Mulkern (73) was a farmer who lived with his wife Margaret Mulkern (74). They had been married 52 years as of 1911 and bore 9 children, 7 of which were still alive. They lived with their children: Margaret (47), Edward (45), Linnie (7), Michael (6), Bernard (5), Edward (4), Thomas (2), and Edward’s (45) wife, Ellen Mulkern (38). Edward (45) and Ellen were married 9 years and had 6 children, all of which were living. Edward (45) was a farmer and Linnie and Michael were scholars. Bryan, Edward (45), Ellen, and Linnie could read and write. Michael could only read, the rest of the family could not read nor write. Bryan, Margaret (74), Edward (45), and Ellen had Irish and English listed. The rest of the family spoke only English, with the exception of Thomas who had no language recorded. The family lived in a 2nd class, 5 bedroom house with 4 front windows. There was 1 stable, 1 cow house, 1 piggery, 1 barn, and 1 turf house. Peter Mulkern owned the land.

James Prendergast (69) lived with his wife, Bridget Prendergast (66) and their son, Michael Prendergast (28), who was a farmer. The couple was married 36 years as of 1911 and bore 6 children, all of which were still living. All 3 could read and write, James and Bridget spoke Irish and English, Michael just English. The family lived in a 3rd class home of 3 bedrooms. There were 2 front windows, 1 cow house, 1 calf house, 1 piggery, and 1 barn. James owned the land on which his house was situated. 

1The Household Return Form for this dwelling was completed in Irish, for reading purposes, the English translation of the names is provided. The family was recorded under William Burke in the 1901 census.

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