The Story of a Wall by Eddie Farrelly

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  • Thank you Ken Baker. I am happy that you find inspiration in my video.

    By Eddie Farrelly (12/02/2022)
  • Thank you Alacoque and Brendan for your kind comments. There are some nice dry stone walls (no mortar) in your area and I hope that the owners will maintain and conserve these walls because they enhance the landscape and are important habitats for a wide range of species. Kind regards.

    By Eddie Farrelly (12/02/2022)
  • A beautiful wall Eddie. I replay this video when i want to remind myself of what a wall built by a skilled craftsman looks like. And, i love the story as well.
    Thanks for a great video
    Ken ( Casterton, Victoria)

    By Ken Baker (27/11/2021)
  • What a talent you have Eddie. A memory wall for sure. Lovely to hear what the various stones represent.

    By Alacoque and Brendan Mc Mahon (20/03/2021)
  • Go raibh maith agat, John.
    Yes I did backfill. Maybe not as much required here as in other regions because the earth is full of stones (glacial till?). You could not put a spade in the ground without hitting a stone. Hence the reason for building walls with the unearthed stones to make the farms more productive and easier to work. Unfortunately, as I referred to in my second video, many walls were removed to make larger fields that are more suitable to modern farming practices. Sometimes the demolished walls were recycled as filling material onto which concrete was poured to make floors of houses, silage pits, farm buildings, etc.
    Best wishes, I hope to see you again soon.

    By Eddie Farrelly (21/09/2020)
  • Eddie
    Maith thú.
    Bhi sé iontach suimiúil leisan an bosca cliste.
    Did you have a filter stone backfill for the wall like
    a French/field drain ?
    Le meas,
    John L.. DSWAI

    By John Lyness (20/09/2020)
  • Thanks a lot Ken. You presented great work too which I enjoyed. Well done to Nell, she should be proud of her presentation and miniature stone skills.

    By Eddie Farrelly (18/09/2020)
  • Beautiful wall Eddie. Great story to go with it. Enjoyed the film. All the best.

    By Kenneth Curran (18/09/2020)
  • Thank you George for your kind comments. There were a couple of more points that I had intended to include but being a complete amateur on video, never having done one previously, I forgot to include them and I didn’t want to do a second recording. Have a good time in Skye.

    By Eddie Farrelly (16/09/2020)
  • Thank you Roxanne. If you ever pass my way, you have an open invitation to visit.

    By Eddie Farrelly (15/09/2020)
  • I really enjoyed your wee video, Eddie . It’s a wall with a story to tell, for sure. I hope to see you next year.

    By George Gunn (15/09/2020)
  • So interesting! That was a labour of love for sure. Well done!
    I like it that you know and have incorporated each stone that you’ve brought back from places you’ve been. The hole in the wall is a fabulous idea…and so is the friendship seating area! I’d love to sit there.

    By Roxanne (15/09/2020)
  • Thank you Thomas for you complimentary remarks. I hope that you will enjoy everything that Virtual Féile na gCloch has to offer over the next week or so.

    By Eddie Farrelly (14/09/2020)
  • Magnificent piece of work Eddie…a true craftsman..thank you for your lovely story..

    By Thomas Dolan (14/09/2020)

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