Pig’s Puddings

Killinny East, Co.Galway

At the time of killing the pig, Síghle Ní Conchubhar’s mother would hold a basin under the carcase to collect the blood. This she would stir and stir and bruise away the lumps of blood. While stirring, she would also ‘add the odd fist of salt’ to prevent the blood from thickening too much. The pudding casings would be cleaned by rinsing them and then turning them inside out. They would be left in a basin of salted water until the following day.Early next day she would cut some lard off the pig and divide into small slices and would add them to the basin of blood along with pepper, all-spice, salt, cloves, cinnamon and onions. Everything would be mixed together with some water. The water would make the blood more plentiful. The mixture was set to boil.Next, with some help from someone holding the puddings, she would fill them using a small jug. They would only be filled half way so that they wouldn’t burst when boiling later. When she thinks that she has enough made, she puts them on to boil and once done transfers them to a basin to cool.

Killinny East, Co.Galway

Collector: Síghle Ní Conchubhar, Ardnagno, Co. Galway

Informant: her mother.

Duchas, ‘The Schools’ Collection’, www.duchas.ie

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