Martin Monahan

Martin Monahan 21st July 2017 Deerpark Social Services Centre, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway


Interviewer: Clare Doyle (CD)

Interviewee: Martin Monahan (MM)


CD: What’s your earliest memory?

MM: Growing up

CD: Do you remember going to school, do you?

MM: I do

CD: Where did you go to school?

MM: National school in New Inn

CD: Ah, very nice and what was your first teacher called, can you remember?

MM: Miss Griffin

CD: Was she nice

MM: She was. She used to teach infants

CD: And were there many in your class when you Started school?

MM: There was a good few but I don’t know how many. There was a good few

CD: There was a good lot

MM: There was

CD: And, when you went to school, did you bring lunch with you or did you have sandwiches, how…what did you eat during the day

MM: My brother and myself went to school like, Mrs…I didn’t want to go into school because I was shy and Miss Griffin came out and gave me sweets and I came in then after the sweets

CD: You went in for the sweets!

MM: I did, because I was nervous like, and I didn’t want to go in

CD: You were only a small lad

MM: That’s all, maybe fourteen or fifteen

CD: And did, would you have brought lunch with you? What would you have eaten during lunch time?

MM: I forget now

CD: Maybe sandwiches or something like that?

MM: Could be sandwiches now that my mother or father made up for me

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