No Food Waste, All Grown in the Garden

Martin Monahan

Martin Monahan 21st July 2017 Deerpark Social Services Centre, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

No food waste, all food grown in the garden

Interviewer: Clare Doyle (CD)

Interviewee: Martin Monahan (MM)


CD: And do you think do we eat food now or do we use food differently now, like we probably throw away a lot of food now, like long ago people used to be very careful

MM: That’s right, a, lot of food now is being thrown away

CD: And did you have a garden when you were small?

MM: We did

CD: And what kind of stuff used you grow in the garden?

MM: We used to grow potatoes and cabbage and onions, onion set.

CD: Yeah

MM: We used to have, my father used to make ridges and sow the cabbage like with a shelve, a spade

CD: Right

MM: You put the… there’s a drill along make the drill maybe and put manure along the drill before you put down the plants

CD: Right

MM: Put down the plants then and cover again then

CD: And that’d be cows’ manure, just is it?

MM: That’s right

CD: To cover it up

MM: That’s right, cover it up with clap then, make, do another few ridges, because if you only make one you’d be going in near the cabbage

CD: Right, and you’d do the same thing for the potatoes, would you?

MM: You’d make a ridge for the onions as well

CD: Right, so you’d have the cabbage and the onions and the potatoes

MM: That’s right

CD: Carrots and parsnips maybe?

MM: We used to sow rhubarb… rhubarb, rhubarb

CD: Oh, very nice, so you could make rhubarb tart and things?

MM: We could and we used to have apple trees as well, two apple trees; a sour one and an eating apple

CD: Sure, you didn’t really have to do much shopping then for vegetables, you had everything in the garden?

MM: We did, because we used to have our own meat too as well


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