The Hanney Collection

The Hanney Collection

The following images of invitation cards were taken from the memorabilia of the late Mrs. Marie Hanney, Stowlin, Eyrecourt, (née Porter, Killimor).  Access to these souvenirs was granted through the courtesy of her son Vincent Hanney.

Come Dancing in Killimor!

These invitations were issued for four different causes.  It will be noted that two were printed by Kelly’s, Loughrea and the other two by “Democrat” Printing Works, Ballinasloe.  Each committee, very politely, presented their compliments to the recipients!

Dance 3

The Honorary Secretaries of Killimor Branch of I.T. & G. W. U. (Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union) invited Miss Whelan to their dance in Killimor Sinn Féin Hall on Easter Sunday Night, April 20th, 1919.  Dancing began at 9p.m and the admission charge was 3s. for Gents and 2s. for Ladies.

Dance 4

Mr. & Miss Whelan and friends were requested to attend Killimor Temperance Dance in Killimor Temperance Hall on Sunday Night 27th April (no year given).  This dance cost Gents 4/-, Ladies 3/- and a couple or Double 6/6.  Dancing commenced at 8.30 o’clock, sharp.  The Honorary Secretaries of the Committee were Thos. O’Meara, M.A. Brody and Michael Dolan.

Dance 2

Tom Ryan and Joe O’Hara, Hon. Secs. of Killimor Social Dance Committee, requested Mr. & Miss Whelan, Derradda, and friends, to attend their dance in the Hall, Killimor, on Easter Sunday Night, April 24th, 1920.  Dancing at 8.30 p.m. with Select Music, Gents’ tickets cost 4s. 6d. and Ladies’ tickets were 3s. 6d.

Dance 5

On Sunday, 19th October, 1924, a dance was to be held in aid of the Parochial Hall.  The invitation was sent to Mr. & Miss Whelan by the Hon. Secs. J. O’Meara and M. Dolan.  Admission was 3/- for Gents and 2/- for Ladies and dancing began at 8 o’clock.

Killimor A.O.H. Dances

It is uncertain when a branch of the Ancient Order of Hibernians was established in Killimor or how extensive the membership was.  Originally the aims of the Organisation were to counteract the hardships and persecutions endured by Catholics and to defend Gaelic values.  As time went on, it appears that the aims of the Organisation had somewhat changed and it was regarded, in later times, as a co-operative society, with the emphasis on economics.

Ancient Order of Hibernian 1 A.O.H.

John Robinson, M.A. Brody and John Flannery were the Honorary Secretaries of the Killimor Branch circa 1918.  They issued invitations to members of the Whelan family (and friends) to support their dance in the Hibernian Hall, on Sunday Night, April 14th, 1918 and again on September 8th (year not given).  Dancing was to begin at 9 p.m. on both occasions and admission was 3s. for Gents and 2s. for Ladies.  Both cards were printed by N.E. O’Carroll “Democrat” Printing Works, Ballinasloe.

Ancient Order of Hibernian 2 AOH Dances

Cumann na mBan Dances

Cumann na mBan was a republican organisation founded in Wynn’s Hotel, Dublin, in April 1914.  Its main aim was to further the cause of Irish liberty and to organise Irish women in the furtherance of this object and its original programme stated unambiguously that it was the ‘ women’s section of the Irish Volunteers’. (Cumann na mBan: A Galway Perspective by Dr. Bernard Kelly in Cumann na mBan: County Galway Dimension, published in 2015 by Galway County Council).  The members’ involvement in the 1916 Easter Rising included caring for the wounded, providing and cooking food, carrying messages and smuggling ammunition.

Records of the existance of a branch in Killimor could not be found but it is evident from these images that both Killimor, and its sister parish Tyranascragh, did their bit to help out financially.

Cumann na mBan Dance 1

In January 1919, the Tyranascragh Committee invited Miss E. Whelan and friends to their dance (in aid of Social Club) in the Sinn Féin Hall on Sunday Night, January 19th, 1919.  A Gent’s ticket cost 3s. 6d. while a Lady’s was 2s. 6d.  The Honorary Secretaries were M. K. Madden, M.A. Melody and M. Fahey.

Cumann na mBan Dance 2

In Killimor the President was K. Kearns, the Treasurer was S. Freyne and the Secretary was E. Canning.  Their dance was to be held in the Sinn Féin Hall on Sunday Night November 30th, 1919.  Admisssion was 3s. for a Gent’s ticket, 4s. for a Lady’s and a Double cost 7s.  (this was strange as Gentlemen usually paid more than Ladies).  Dancing was at 8. 30 with “Select Music”.  The original recipient’s name seems to have been erased and the names Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gready written in instead.

Sinn Féin Dances

The name Sinn Féin means “Us” or “We Ourselves”.  The organisation was founded in the Rotunda, Dublin on 28th November 1905 by Arthur Griffith, and was “an umbrella organisation for all types of Irish Nationalism”.  (

A branch of the organisation was established in Killimor.

Sinn Féin 4

In January 1919 the Hon. Secs. T. Ryan, J. O’Hara and J. Conniffe, sent an invitation card to Mr. & Mrs. Whelan to attend a dance (in Aid of Local Club) on Sunday Night, January 5th,  Dancing was to start at 8 p.m. in the Sinn Féin Hall.  A Gent’s Ticket cost 3s. 6d. and a Lady’s cost 2s.

Sinn Féin 3

Mr. & Miss Whelan received a further invitation to a dance in the Sinn Féin Hall, Killimor, on Saturday Night, November 1st 1919.  This time dancing was scheduled for 9 p.m. and the tickets were more expensive; a Gent’s ticket was now 5s. and a Lady’s was 4s.

Sinn Féin 5

The Committee of the Local Club organised dances to raise funds.  Miss Nelly Whelan was invited to attend a Dance “in their hall on St. Patrick’s Night, 17th March, 1918”. Dancing was at 8 p.m. and a Gent’s ticket was 3/- while a Lady’s cost 2/-.  The Hon. Secs. of the Committee were T. Ryan and J. O’Hara.

Killimor I.R.A. Dances

These invitation cards, to Killimore I.R.A. (Irish Republican Army) dances were sent out by the Committee, requesting the pleasure of the company of Mr. & Miss Whelan and friends in Killimore Hall.


One dance was scheduled for Thursday Night, 8th December but the year was not given.  Dancing started at 8 p.m. and admission was 3/6 for Gents and 3/- for Ladies.

IRA 2The second dance was to be held on Sunday Night, 25th September, 1921.  This time the dancing began at 9 p.m.  and the tickets were slightly more expensive; 4s. for Ladies,  5s. for Gents and a Double cost 8s.  Both cards were printed by “Democrat”Printing Works, Ballinasloe.

Lawrencetown Calls!

Among the Hanney Collection were three invitation cards to dances in Lawrencetown.  All three were printed by “Democrat” Printing Works, Ballinasloe.

Lawrencetown Dance 1

One was issued for Saturday Night, December 8th, but the year was not given.  A Single ticket cost 3s. 6d. and a Double was 6s.

Lawrencetown Dance 2

The second card requested the pleasure of the company of Mr. J. Whelan and friends at the Lawrencetown Ladies’ Social Dance on Sunday, 2nd October, 1921.  Admission cost Gents 4s. 6d., Ladies 3s.  and Double was 7s.

Lawrencetown Dance 3

Mr. Whelan and friends were invited once again by the Dance Committee to their dance “to be held in Aid of Temperance Hall, on Saturday Night, 5th November, 1921”.  Dancing commenced at 9 o’clock and tickets for Ladies and Gents cost 2s. 6d.  and 3s. 6d. respectively.


Included in the Collection were invitation cards from different areas.

Kylemore Dance

  Again Mr. J. Whelan and friends were requested to attend the Kylemore Dance to be held in Kylemore School on Easter Sunday Night, 27th March 1921, (in Aid of the East Galway Nursing Fund).  A Single ticket cost 4s. 6d. and a Double was 6s.  The Hon. Secs. of the Dance Committee were (Miss) H. Cunniffe and (Miss) K. Ryan.

Kiltormer Dance

A dance was advertised for Sunday Night, 30th December, 1923, to be held in Kiltormer School House and the proceeds were “in aid of Parochial House”.  Dancing began at 9 o’clock, and tickets cost 6s. for a Double and 3s. 6d. for a Single.

Whitegate DanceAn invitation card was sent to Mr. & Miss Whelan, Derrada, Killimor, requesting their company at a Dance (in aid of East Clare Election Fund) “to be held in Reinskea House, Whitegate, on Sunday, 29th, inst.” (month or year not known).  This particular invitation was sent by the Hon. Secs. of the Whitegate Sinn Féin Committee – J. McDermott, R. Lucas and M. O’Brien.  A Double ticket cost 6/- and a Single was 3/6.

Boula DanceThe invitations to Mr. J. Whelan and friends continued to flow in from diverse sources.  The Hon. Secs. of Boula Dance Committee – F.T. Royston, M. Horan and J. Morrissey requested their company at a dance in Boula School, on Sunday Night, 30th November, (year not given) “in aid of repairs of Boula Chapel”.  Dancing commenced at 9 o’clock, sharp, and tickets cost 4/-, 3/- and a Double was 6/6.  Note the hand-written message on the card – “Tell the Guards and Foleys, be sure & come and bring a few with you”.

Quansboro DanceQuansboro White Cross Dance was to be held in Raheen School on Sunday Night, 9th October, 1921, with dancing commencing at 8 o’clock.  Tickets cost 4s. for a Lady, 5s. for a Gent and a Double was 8s.  The music was supplied by Pipers Band.

Portumna Hurling Club Dance

The Hon. Secs. of Portumna Hurling Club, namely Tom Carthy, P.A. Meehan, John F. Quinn and J. Duddy and the Committee organised a Dance to be held in the Old Town Hall, on Sunday Night, February 22nd, 1925.  Dancing was at 10 o’clock, sharp, and “Music by Special Orchestra”.  Admission on this occasion was Gentlemen 7/6; Ladies 5/- and Double 11/-.

Raheen DanceSpecial Musicians were engaged for the Raheen Dance to be held on Sunday Night, 8th February, 1925.  Dancing was to begin at 7. 30.  A Gent’s ticket was 4s. and a Lady’s ticket cost 3s.  The cards, except that from Portumna Hurling Club, named the printers as “Democrat” Printing Works, Ballinasloe.

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