Sergeant Michael Thomas Soughley

Bureau of Military History. Witness Statements

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This page was added on 16/02/2017.

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  • Mr Sean Fahy NT was principal of Raheen NS during my time there (1950 – 58)
    Sean was a good & conscientious educator, his only serious short-coming being his fondness for the use of the ‘stick’ not merely for boyish misdemeaners but for pedagogic deficits in some children who sadly were not cognitively gifted.
    In retrospect, That was not Completely Sean’s fault as the knowledge base of educational psychology during the 1940s was minuscule and the knowledge & teaching of that subject in St Pat’s to the primary teacher lads, would have been v low down the curricular hierarchy. In any event, Sean did his best & his modus operandi in relation to educational philosophy, classic pedagogic methodology & corporal punishment, were fairly typical of that era.
    Only a tiny fraction of us went on to secondary education and, to my knowledge, I was the only one to make it to third level earning a Master’s Degree in Education, with a 1st & eventually becoming a University Lecturer.
    Sean always encouraged me as a young boy and he especially nutured my natural aptitude for English & history.
    He loved his ‘fags’ & would always have one before class in the morning whilst he scanned the Irish Independent & Press. He always however, warned us to ‘never smoke,it’s not smart’.
    Sean was a lovely person, & always manifested the essence of sartorial elegance
    Sean was undisputedly my first role model
    May he RIP.

    By Pat O'Brien (28/05/2017)

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