Hard Salt Bacon

Pat 'Hora

Interview with Pat ‘Hora, Kilbannon, Tuam, Co. Galway

1st December 2017

Hard Salt Bacon

POH: I also remember my grandfather had a predilection for hard salt bacon. He used to come home with it bathed in salt, literally encrusted on the external parts of the bacon. My grandmother used to have to soak it.

CD: And that would be cured then, that’s what made it hard?

PIH: Yes, cured in hard salt and that was the local way of killing the pig as well. Well, a lot of it went into salt, some of it went up the chimney to be smoked

CD: Ok

POH: And the very, the very…what would you call it, the fleshy parts of the carcass were distributed to the neighbours because they were harder to preserve you see.

CD: You couldn’t keep them that long fresh, I suppose.

POH: Yes, yes, yes

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