Kinds of Cake

Pat Smyth

Pat Smyth 21st July 2017 Skylark Centre, Athenry, Co. Galway

Kinds of Cake

Interviewer: Clare Doyle (CD)

Interviewee: Pat Smyth (PS)


CD: And at Christmas time when you had the dinner, did you have anything nice after the dinner?

PS: We had. We had jelly and custard

CD: Very nice. You might have had a bit of Christmas cake maybe?

PS: Oh yeah, we had sweet cake

CD: Yeah

PS: We’d bake the cake

CD: Right. Wat would be in the cake now?

PS: Treacle

CD: Oh, that would be very nice, it’s be very sweet, would it?

PS: Or syrup … you could…

CD: Treacle or syrup

PS: Yeah, you could put syrup in

CD: And your other, did she ever make brack at Halloween time?

PS: No. We had duck

CD: Right

PS: A bread called ‘duck’

CD: And what did that look like?

PS: It looked … a long thing, so it did

CD: And what was in it?

PS: There was icing. You’d love it!

CD: That would be nice

PS: Yeah

CD: And you’d have a bit of butter with it, would you?

PS: You could butter it, yeah

CD: Did you buy the butte, or make you own?

PS: Make our own butter


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