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Memories of School Through Photographs

School 1913 Master Robinson

Photo, circa 1913, showing John Robinson, Principal, with assistant Mrs. O’Toole and monitor Joe Foley (standing).

Also included:
Front Row, second from right, Gerry Moran, Derrysiskal
Second row: first on right, Amby Larkin, Woodlands;
Third row: second from right, Larry Geoghegan, Hearnsbrook,
fifth from right, Willie Hanrahan, Garryard.

Killimor Girls School 1919

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was staged by children in Killimor Girls’ School circa 1919.
In front row, dressed in white, is Eileen Foley.
Third girl from left in back row is Bab Soughley.

Killimor Boy's School 1933

Killimor Boys’ School c. 1933
Back: Third from right, Padraig Brody, fourth from right, Paddy Reilly (Cloncona).
Third Row: First on right, Séan Cunniffe.
Second Row: Second from right, Eamonn Meegan, fourth from right, Johnny O’Meara.
Front Row: Fourth from right, Johnny Hanney, fifth from right, John Hara (Neale).

School Girls 1934

Killimor Girls’ School, 1934.
Back row: L. to R. Mary Donohoe, ? , Mary Kennedy, Rosie Kennedy, Kathleen Haverty, ? , Delia White, Lena Curley, Sheila Hara, Mary Brien, Bridie Brien, Moira O’Meara, Josephine Brody, Carmel Colgan, Sheila Fennessy, Ellie McGann, ? , Gertie Hanrahan, Tessie Finnerty, Maggie Madden, Ellie Haverty, Tessie Madden, Cissie Haverty,
Fourth row: Bobbie Lyons, Nonie Shiel, ? , Nancy Hara, Sheila O’Toole, Mary Quinn, Madeleine Hara, Ina Muldoon, Ellie Hara, Rita Treacy, Bridget Byrne, Eileen Treacy, Rita Hara, Baby Matthews, Mary Moran, Lucy Kirwan, Mary Frances Kelly, Madeleine Donohoe, Chrissie White, Third row: Bernadette Duffy, ? , Alice Mitchell, Anna May Hara, Lena Malone, Lily Carr, ? McGann, Mary Holohan, Rosie Hanney, Lucy Mitchell, Evelyn Mitchell, Annie Grady, ? , Ellie Quinn, Cissie Burke, Mary Broderick, Maidie Boland, Chrissie Rocke,
Second row: Philomena Duffy, ? , ? Fennessy, Tessie Kennedy, ? Fennessy, ? , Kitty Brien, Theresa Forde, Sheila Larkin, Eileen Brien, Claire Colgan,
Front row: ? , Rita Moran, ? , ? , Mary Mitchell, Bridie Carr, Kathleen Quinn, Eileen Fennessy, May Fahy, ? , Beesie Kennedy, Mary Hanney, ? McGann, ? , ? .

School Photograph 1946

Killimor Boys 1946
Back row L to R: P.J. (Sonny) Hara, Pakie Hara, Vincent Carey, Tom Reilly, Willie Bohan, Gerry Reilly, Mickey Gohery, Mickey Scully, Willie Cunniffe, Desmond Hara, Thomas Brien, Paddy Fitzgerald, Frank Cunniffe, Michael Fennessy N.T.
6th Row: Mikey Hardiman, John Cunniffe, Christy Porter, Josie Brien, Brendan Keating, Paddy Cunniffe, Johnny Hara, Vincent Rocke, Vincent O’Meara, Francie McGann.
5th Row: Christy Gohery, Jimmy Larkin, Mikie Hogan, Bertie McGann, Michael Fitzgerald, Jimmy Gibbons, Seán Ryan, Mikie Forde, Padraig Boland, Francis Boyle, Joe Scott, Seán Nevills.
4th Row: ?, ?, Minnie Broderick, Seán Rocke, Eamonn Hara, Arthur Murphy, Ignus Ryan, John Larkin, Des Clarke, Francis Keating, Noel Cunniffe, Liam Ryan, Tommy Hardiman.
3rd Row: ? Hara, Tom Duffy, Christy Hara, Patsie Scully, Pat Larkin, ? , Eddie Carey, Michael Treacy, Christy Kelly, Thomas Fahy, Mikie Hanney, ? , Denis Nevills, Tony Monaghan, Laurence Monaghan.
2nd Row: ? , Jude Hara, ? , Padraig Hanrahan, Gus Treacy, Vincent Forde, Joe Treacy, Sean Hanrahan.
Front row: Mikie Kelly, Tony Ryan, Noel Scott, Willie Gordon, Kevin Ryan, Val Scott, Michael (Sonny) Kelly, Pat Geoghegan, Sean McClearn.

Girls Scool 1946 with Miss Cormack

Miss Bridget Cormack with pupils, 1946.
Back row: L. to R. Mairéad Carty, May Boyle, Maura Kelly, Josephine Fahy, ? , Evelyn Kelly, Marie Porter, Bernie Kinirons, Carmel Keating, Anna Meara (Killimor), Miss. B. Cormack,
Fifth row: ? Hogan, Margaret Treacy, Phil Murphy, Mary Larkin, ? , Carmel Larkin, Anna Hanney, Margaret Kelly, Kitty Reilly, Mary McClearn, Carmel Fahy, Una Gordon, Phyllis Keary,
Fourth row: May Larkin, Winnie Treacy, ? , Lena Forde, ? , Kathy Hardiman, Dympna Hara, Moira Hardiman, Kathleen Treacy, ? , ? , Kathleen Hara,
Third row: Agnes Mitchell, Edie Ryan, Josie Rocke, ? , Breda Hara, Teresa Treacy, ? , ? , Kathleen Scott, Peggy Gordon, Sheila Gohery,
Second row: Mary Hara, Anna McClearn, ? , Josephine Kelly, Maura Cunniffe, Noeline Hanrahan, Carmel Boyle, ? Gordon, Josephine Mitchell, Mona Hanney, Josie Gordon, Nancy Kelly,
Front row: Evelyn Hardiman, Mary Geoghegan, Annie Geoghegan, Aggie Rock, Mary Ellen Gohery, ? , ? , ? , Angela Hanney, Joan Kinirons, Angela Hara, Mary Treacy, Millie Larkin.

School Photograph 1958

Killimor Boys c. 1958/59
Back: L. to R. Ralph Dillon, Gussie Hara, Pakie Hanrahan, Ollie Geoghegan, Tom Callanan, Seán Moran, John Peter Treacy, Danny Hara, Philip Larkin, Liam Brien, Liam Forde, Johnny Campbell, Frank Brien, Jimmy Kirwan, Thomas Briscoe.
2nd Row: Seán Fahy (Principal), P.J. Norris, Seán Hobbs, Joe Hanrahan, Joe Moran, Frank Curley, Iomar Whelan, Seán Reynolds, Aidan Duffy, Seán Hearne, Tony Forde, Terry Larkin, Michael Callagy, John Joe Kirwan, Christy Callanan, Michael Treacy, Bríd Lonergan (Teacher).
Front: (seated) Billy O’Donnell, Hubert Gordon, Brendan Brien, Mikie Donnellan, Liam Daly, Tony Dervan, Thomas Houlihan, Billy Duffy, Murty Broderick, Seán Clasby, Tony Campbell, Laurence Martyn, John Norris, Séamus Treacy.

Girls School c 1960

Photo of Killimor Girls’ School, circa 1960, taken in the yard of the “old” old school which was demolished in 1963.
Back row: L. to R. Angela O’Hara (Assistant), Patricia Clasby, Anne Donnellen, Teresa Reilly, Mary O’Donnell, Mary Campbell, Nora Martin, Assumpta Larkin, Twins: Mary and Teresa Brien, Twins: Mary and Kathleen Notley, Rose Broderick, Maura Hanrahan, Margaret Ryan, (Wolverhampton and c/o Jack Treacy, Heathlawn), Margaret M. Flood (Principal).
Front Row: L. to R. Anna Mary Starr, Carmel Brien, Rosie Brien, Mona Brien, Anne Duffy, Maura Madden, Josephine Dillon, Anne Gordon, Mary Hanney, Teresa Hanney, Josephine Reilly, Gabriella Moran, Anne Ryan (Wolverhampton and c/o Jack Treacy, Heathlawn), Lucy Donoghue, Maura Houlihan, Teresa Houlihan.

Killimor School 1973 photo

Killimor School Pupils 1973
Back Row L. to R. Ann Donelan, Patricia Quinn, Teresa Walsh, Siobhan Whelan, Cecelia Brien, Carmel Broderick, Kathleen Egan, Josephine Egan, Ann Kelly, Eamonn Finnerty, Gregory Kirwan, Gerard Kirwan, Padraig Blaney, Tommy Coen, Sean Fahy (teacher),Paddy Haverty
Middle Row L. to R: Sheila Daly, Mary Dolan, Helen Porter, Carmel McEvoy, Deirdre Fahy, Laura Dolphin

Front Row L. to R.: Albert Clasby, Michael Quinn, Edmund Hara, Johnny O’Donnell, Brendan Byrne, Kevin Glynn
Missing from photo are Teresa Kelly and John Head

Killimor Heritage Co. Galway's photo.

Killimor School Pupils 1985
Back L. to R.: Debbie Hanley, Geraldine Monaghan, Caroline Hanrahan, Yvonne Porter, Maura Daly, Emmett Treacy, Thomas Havil.
Middle Row: Teresa Cunniffe, Shirley Whelan, Vera Treacy,
Sean Fahy N. T., Mary Elizabeth Donoghue, Tracey McClearn, Ann Fahy.
Front Row: Dominic Shiel, David Keane, Noel Reilly, Vincent Treacy, Darragh Finneran, Winifred Dolan.

1987 School Photo

Class of 1987
Front Row L. to R.: Raymond Nevin, John Hobbs, Connie Shiel, Lochlainn O’Meara
Middle Row L. to R.: Deirdre Lyons, Geraldine Nevin, Sean Fahy, Cormac Fahy, Mary Quirke, Michelle Dervan
Back Row L. to R.: Annette Daly, Mary Flynn, James Kirwan, Siobhan Gordon, Hubert Gordon, Daphne Hanley, Niamh Duffy.

Killimor School c 1988

Killimor School Pupils 1989
Back L. to R.: Sinead Watson, Marina Moran, Ann Brien,
Fidelma Lynch, Clare Daly, Edel Mooney, Anne Quirke,
Veronica Whelan, Triona Dillon, Angela Geoghegan (teacher)
Front L. to R.: Ambrose Nevills, Kevin Hardiman, Leo Duffy,
Donal Forde, Míchael Flynn, Dermot Daly, Séan Lyons, Paul Treacy, Damien McGann

Killimor School 1994

Killimor National School 1994
Back L. to R.: John Brien, Jonathan Kelly, Colette Duffy, Ciara Mooney, Lisa Howard, Marian Treacy, Cathy Mitchell, Darina Larkin, Mary Ward, David O’Donnell
Middle Row L. to R.: Margaret Ward, Brenda Whelan, Anita Kirwan, Wendy Donnellan, Barbara Nevin, Angela Treacy, Sinead Flynn, Carlene Duffy, Caroline Casey
Front L. to R.: Dermot Hobbs, Albert Treacy, Keith McClearn, Niall McClearn, Niall McGann, Nigel Callanan, Colm Finnerty, Patrick Geoghegan.

Killimor School 1995

Killimor National School 1995
Back Row L. to R.: Mrs. Angela Geoghegan (teacher), Brian Whelan, Alan Winters, Darren Brien, Emma Mooney, Conor Nolan, Charlie Ward, Catherine Flynn, Ann Marie Reilly, Michelle Dowd, Ann O’Toole.
Middle Row L. to R.: Winnie Ward, Gene Nevin, Savina Broderick, Kathleen Ward, Clare Campbell, Sinead Brien, Emer Larkin, Rosaleen Nevin, Caroline Casey, Edel Moran, Colette Donnelly, Aishling White, Mary Ellen Gibbons.
Front Row L. to R.: Damien Duffy, Alan Mooney, Phillip Haverty, Brendan Whelan, Laurence Burke, Noel Treacy, Shane Lyons.
Missing from photograph were Stephen Larkin and Dominic Scanlan

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