Lissyegan (Mahon)

Lios Mhic Aogáin (Mahon)

Roger Harrison

Lissyegan (Mahon)

Irish Grid: M 81712 41486                                                   Lat / Long: 53.4234, -8.27582


DED: Ahascragh



(John O’Donovan 1806-1861)

This townland is the property of Sir Rosse Mahon. It is all bog except a small portion of callows. The County Cess is £1. 10. 9. It contains 453 acres 3 roods and 5 perches.



(John O’Donovan 1806-1861)

Lissyegan (Mahon) lies in the East of this parish in the Barony of Killian is bounded by Cloonshee Dillon, Sraghlooghan, Daly’s Grove and Lissyegan Hodson townlands in said barony. It is situated about 3 miles N.E. of Ahascragh.


This is a list of townlands that share a border with Lissyegan (Mahon).



Census of Ireland (1821- 1911)

The first full population census of Ireland was taken in 1821 and the first four Irish censuses were arranged by county, barony, civil parish and townland.


1821:  Only some fragments for small parts of county Galway survive. There are no records      for Ahascragh.

1831:  The only surviving records are from Counties Antrim and Derry.

1841:  There are no surviving records for County Galway.

1851:   There are no surviving records for County Galway.

1861:  Census records for 1861 and 1871 were deliberately destroyed by the government

1881:  The records for 1881 and 1891 were pulped as waster paper during the shortages of World War I.

1901:   See Below

1911:   No census information available


1901 Census

Overview of the townland.

There was just the one house in Lissyegan (Mahon) in 1901 and it was constructed of stone, brick or concrete walls and had thatch, wood or other perishable materials for roofing. It was a 2nd class dwelling with 6 rooms and 4 windows to the front. The enumerator for the area was Const. James Crotty.


House 1: Glynn

The head of the only household in Lissyegan (Mahon) was John (50) who was married to Margaret (48). They shared the house with 11 of their children; Peter (25), Patrick (23), John (21), Bridget (16), Thomas (15), Anne (13), James (12), Daniel (10), Martin (8), Margaret (6) and Timothy (4). They were all born in Co. Galway and were Roman Catholic. Timothy could not read, John (50), Margaret (48), Martin and Margaret (6) could read only and the others could all read and write. John (50) was a farmer, Peter was a shepherd, Patrick and John (21) were gamekeepers, Bridget, Anne and Margaret (6) were farmer’s daughters and Thomas, James, Daniel, Martin and Timothy were listed as being farmer’s sons. The landholder was John Glynn.


Griffith’s Valuation 1847 – 1864

Plot 1: The Rev. Sir William V. R. Mahon Bart. had, in fee (for himself), 155 acres and 16 perches of bog that had an annual ratable valuation of £1 5s.

Plot 2: Nab Connolly, Timothy Brennan, John Leonard (Paul), Mary Leonard, Timothy Leonard, Hugh Leonard, John Leonard (Hugh), Michael Harney [sic], Mary Concannon, Thomas Concannon, Patrick Concannon, Patrick Keighery, Mary Harney [sic], Thomas Kelly, Patrick Griffin, Francis Mitchell, Denis Keighery, Mary Bryan, Timothy Gately, Michael Mitchell, Darby Gately, John Reynolds and Mary Mitchell all jointly leased 14 acres, 2 roods and 39 perches of land.


Nab Connolly, Timothy Brennan and Thomas Concannon paid 8s.


John Leonard (Paul), Timothy Leonard, Michael Harney [sic], Mary Concannon, Patrick Concannon, Patrick Griffin, Michael Mitchell, John Reynolds and Mary Mitchell all paid 3s each.


Mary Leonard, Patrick Keighery, Mary Harney [sic], Thomas Kelly, Frances Mitchell and Denis Keighery all paid 2s annually.


Hugh Leonard and John Leonard (Hugh) paid 5s.


Timothy Gately and Darby Gately each paid 4s.





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