Civil Parish of Kilcolgan

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Cuildooish Townland


Cuildooish is a townland located in the civil parish of Kilcolgan, in the Barony of Dunkellin.

Its standard name is Cuildooigh, and the Irish form of the name is Coill Dubhais, which translates to black wood. Other forms of the name include Keldowis, Culdoish when referring to the Clerk of the Peace for Galway, Dowes in the County Book, Kylduish on the County Map, Dooes in the High Constable for the Barony, and Klduce in the Tithe Composition Book.

The proprietor for this townland was M. Blake, and the Agent was A. Blake. The principal part of the townland is covered with limestone rocks, and the little that is cultivated is set and sublet to several tenants for 7 shillings per acre, which were houses made of stone.

Cuildooigh is situated to the west of the parish, and is bounded on the North by Killeenmwinterlaan South, on the east by Caherpeak West, Carraghadhu and Frenchpark, on the South and South West by Muggaunnagh and on the west by Drumacoo parish.

Some other places that are in or near this townland are:

Culdooish Lough – lake

Culdooish rocks – rock

Knockaunataggart – hill

Griffith’s Valuation

The aim of Griffith’s valuation was to produce a uniform guide to the relative value of land through Ireland, in order to decide how to pay out the Poor rate.

Griffiths Valuation has recorded of this townland was composed of 261 Acres, 1 Rood and 37 Perches.

The land value at the time would have been £40.0s.0d

The currency measures at the time was in the form of Pounds, Shillings, Pence (£.s.d)

There was only one landholding recorded in Griffith’s valuation, which was rented and owned by the proprietor of the townland, Maurice Blake. The tenement was made up of a herd’s house and land, totalling a value of £40.0s.0d. The tenement also had water listed, which had no monetary value.

  1. Maurice Blake – Herd’s house and land – £40.0s.0d

Land value – £39.0s.0d

Building value – £1.0s.0d



1901 Census

There was only one household recorded in the Cuildooigh townland in 1901 census, the Niland family. There was a total population of 5, made up of 3 males and 2 females. The house had no out offices recorded.

House 1 – Niland – Michael Niland was the head of the family in this household. He lived in the house with his wife and three children. Michael was 60 years old and working as a herd. His wife was 57, and working as a house keeper. Their three children, Thomas (23), Michael (19) and Mary Anne (17), all worked as agricultural labourers. All of the family were able to read and write, and were all able to speak Irish and English. They occupied 3 rooms in their house, which was stone and had 2 front windows. It was deemed 3rd class. The landholder of the house was different to those living in it, and was listed as Colonel Blake.

1911 Census

House 1 – Niland – There were 4 people living in this household, members of the Niland family. Michael Niland was 70 years, and the head of the family. He worked as a herd, and had been married to his wife Bridget for 38 years. They had 6 children together, 5 of whom were still living. They lived in the household with 2 of their 5 children, Thomas (33), and Mary Anne (24). Thomas was employed as an agricultural labourer, whilst Mary Anne had no listed occupation. Both children in the house were able to read and write, with their mother being unable to read or write, and their father being able to read. The family lived together in a private dwelling, which had 4 recorded out offices, which were: a stable, a cow house, piggery and a barn. They occupied 3 rooms in their 3rd clas

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