Kiltiarnan West

Civil Parish of Kilcolgan

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The standard name for the townland was Kiltiarnan West with the Irish name being Cill Tighearnain. It was bounded to the north by Caherpeak East by Kiltearnan east on the east, by Ardrahan on the south and Paurkatleva and Carraghadhu on the west.


Survey letter.

The proprietor was Wm. Gregory from Dublin, and the agent was Geo. Crippage. Most of the townland was a sheep walk with a tenant and cotter on the land. The townland was on the south of the parish.

Down survey

The name for the townland was called Teereowen in the survey. The owner in 1641 and 1670 was the earl of Clanrickard who was protestant. There was 218 acres of profitable land.

Griffith Valuation

Map reference one was Mark Connolly and Laurence Connolly. This land was 80 acres, 3 roods and 6 perches which altogether was worth 30 pounds. This landlord was William H. Gregory

Map reference two was Thomas Costelloe. This was the workman’s house and land which was twenty two acres and 30 perches. This was worth 8 pounds and the landlord was the same as before.

Map reference three was William Daly. This was the herds house, water and land. The house and land was 89 acres, 1 rood and 18 perches. The water was 6 acres, 1 rood and 16 perches. This was worth 18 pounds and 10 shillings. The landlord was the same as before.


1901 census

There were two households in Kiltiarnan west with nine individuals in the region with all being roman catholic. Four were male and five female and all were born in Galway. There were two households built as private dwellings. Both had stone or brick walls and thatch or wood rooves. House one had two rooms and house two three rooms. House one was a third class building and two a second class building. The land for both houses was owned by the Geoghegan family. House one had three farm buildings and house two five farm buildings. House one had a stable, cow house and a piggery. House two was a stable, cow house, a piggery, a barn and a shed.

Daniel McDonough (90) is the head of family of house one. He works as a shepherd and lives with his family of Margaret (40) and her husband Thomas Gill (50). Thomas worked as a farmer labourer. Only Margaret could read and write, and they could all speak Irish and English.

Patrick Geoghegan (45) was the head of family of house two and he lived with his wife and children and worked as a farmer. His wife Mary Anne (44) is listed as domestic in occupation. His daughters Anne (10), Lizzie (9) and Bridget (7) and his son Patrick (5). All the children are listed as Scholars. All of them except Patrick could read and write and all of them except Patrick could only speak English.

1911 census

There are two households in 1911 with seven individuals, all being roman catholic and being born in Galway. Both houses were built as a private dwelling. The walls were made of stone or brick, the roof was made of thatch or wood. Both houses had two rooms and house one had three windows and two had two windows. House one was a second class house and house two a third class. House one had a five farmhouses with a stable, cow house, piggery, a fowl house and a barn. House two had a cow house and a piggery.

Mary Ann Geoghegan (48) was the head of family of house one who worked as a farmer and was a widow. She lived with her children. Her daughter Annie (20), Elizabeth (19) and Bridie (18) and her son Patrick (15).  Patrick worked as a scholar and none of the others had occupation listed. All of them could read and write and all of them could speak English.

Thomas Gill (70) was the head of family of house two and worked as a herd. He lived with his wife Margaret (60). Only Margaret could read or write, and both could speak Irish and English.

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