Civil Parish of Kilcolgan

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The standard name for the townland was Liskevin with the Irish name being Lios Caomhain. . It was bounded on the north by Faunreevagh, Paurkalonghaus and Gurtrova on the east and Ardrahan on the south and west.


O’Donavon Field name book

The proprietor was J. Taylor of Castletaylor with the agent being Geo. Crippage. It was farmed by five tenants at one pound, three shillings, one pence per acre. The soil was poor and uncultivated with limestone rocks. The houses were in tolerable repair. The village of Castletaylor was in the middle and is what the townland was generally called and known for

Down survey

The name for the townland in the survey was Liskin. In 1641 the owner was Edmund Bourke who was catholic, and in 1670 the owner was Walter Taylor who was protestant. There was 111 acres of profitable land and 111 acres of forfeited land.

1901 census

There was one household in the region in 1901 with ten individuals living within it. All were roman catholic, and all were born in Galway. House one was built as a private dwelling with stone or brick walls and a thatch or wood roof. With two rooms and three windows it was a second class building. The land was owned by someone other than the head of family, one Walter S Taylor. They had four farm steadings with a stable, cow house, piggery and a barn.

Edward Bermingham (60) was the head of family of house one and he lived with his wife Anne (58) and his children. He had four sons and four daughters. His sons are Michael (24), William (20), Edward (15), James (11). His daughters are Mary (22), Annie (19), Celia (17) and Norah (13). Edward worked as a shepherd and all his children except Norah and James worked as a herd’s son/daughter. Norah and James were listed as scholar. All of them could read and write and everyone 20 and over could speak Irish and English. Those younger could only speak English.

1911 census

There was only one household in the region in 1911 with six individuals. All of them were roman catholic and all but one were born in Galway. Petie Keane the grandson was born in Clare. House one was built as a private dwelling with stone or brick walls, thatch or wood rooves and two rooms and three windows. The land was still owned by the same landholder as 1901. There were six farm buildings with a stable, cow house, piggery, fowl house, barn and a shed.

Anne Bermingham (67) was the head of family of house one and was a widow, she lived with her children. She lived with her son Michl (38), Celia (26), Edward (25), Norah (23) and Petie (6). Only Michl, Edward and Petie had listed occupations as farmer, herd and scholar in that order. Everyone except Petie could read and write and speak Irish and English. Petie could only speak English.

Griffith valuation
Map reference one was Thomas Donohoe. This was the house, office and land which was 21 acres, 3 rood and 28 perches. This was worth 11 pounds and the landlord was Francis M. S. Taylor.

Map reference two was Francis M. S. Taylor. The land was 94 acres, 2 roods and 34 perches. This was worth 46 pounds and 10 shillings. He owned the land.

Map reference three was Esther Taylor. The land was 10 acres and 16 perches. This was worth 5 pounds and 10 shillings. The landlord was Francis M. S. Taylor.

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