Killeenmunterlane North

Civil Parish of Kilcolgan

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The standard name for the townland was Killeenmunterlane North with the Irish name being Cillin Mhuintir Leadhain. Alternative names for the townland was Alias, Killeen, Killeen Munterline. The townland was bounded on the north by Roighmore and Kilcolgan, Kilcolgan on the east, Killeanmwinterlaan south on the south and Drumacoo parish and Paurkeeghter on the west.


Survey letter.

Most of the townland consisted of wet uncultivated land and a large deer park. Part of the demesne of A.F. St. George was the station of Parknacreeva.

Down survey

The name for the townland in the survey was Killeenmuntertean. The owner in 1641 was David McShane McFfeagh O’Lane who was catholic. The owner in 1670 was James Underwood who was protestant. There was 202 acres of profitable land and 6 unprofitable with 202 acres being forfeited.

Griffith valuation

Map reference one was Matthew Concannon who rented land. This was 168 acres, 1 rood and 35 perches. This was worth 98 pounds and the landlord was Christopher St. George.

Map reference two was Christopher St. George. He owned a plantation that was 5 acres and 1 rood. This was worth 2 pounds and he owned the plantation.


1901 census

There was five individuals living in the region in 1901. All from one household and family. This household was a private dwelling with two outbuildings and had stone or brick walls, a thatch or wood roof and with two rooms and three windows. The family owned the land the house was on. They had two farmhouses with a cow house and a piggery.

John Moran (68) was the head of family of house 1 in 1901. He lived with his wife Marget (65) and their children John (29), Martin (23) and Honor (26). John and Marget are listed as farmer and herd and the children as farmers son and herd and farmers daughter. They were all roman catholic and born in Galway. John, Martin and Honour could read and write and Marget and John could read only. All of them could speak Irish and English.

1911 census

There were four people living in the townland in 1911. The household has the same details as 1901 but there were two new farm buildings added with a stable and a barn.

John Moran (77) was the head of family in 1911 and lived with his wife Maggie (75). The census states they have been married 45 years and so we can assume this is not a new marriage but rather the name was misspelled either in 1901 or 1911. They lived with their daughter Honour (37) and their granddaughter Bridget Gilligan (9). Bridget was catholic and born in Galway and could read and write. Her occupation is listed as scholar, and she could speak Irish and English.

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