Coolbaun West – Cúl Bán – White Back – An Chúil Bhán Thiar

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The Ordnance Survey Name Books gave the following information on this townland: Coolbawn and Coolbaun as the standard name, Coolbawn West or Coolbane according to George D.H. Kirkaldy, and Coulbane West as given by Rev. Francis Coghlan.  It is recorded as Cúl Bán in the Ordnance Survey Name Books and today is listed as An Chúil Bhán in the Placenames database.


The townland of Coolbaun is situated between Rathmore Demesne, Coolbaun and Kilnamullaun in Killimorbologue and by Raheen and Carhoon in Tynagh parish.  It contained a few farmhouses and limekilns, a Danish fort, a sand pit and a small portion of planting in its north east angle.

Census 1841, 1851

Census statistics showed that sixty people lived in ten houses in 1841, with a post-famine reduction to thirty eight people in six houses in 1851.

Griffith’s Valuation 1855

Griffith’s Valuation named two landowners, James McDermott and Anthony F. Nugent.  Of the total acreage of seventy nine acres, two roods and five perches, Nugent held two plots totalling forty acres and nine perches.  This land, on which was a house and office (shed), was leased out to John Walsh.  James McDermott held one acre, three roods and five perches for himself.  The other holdings were held by Andrew Kane, who had a herd’s house and land, Patrick Winters who held land, Patrick Harney who held two plots on which there was a house and Martin Cummins who had a house on one acre and twenty perches of land.  Patrick Tracey held thirteen acres and seventeen perches on which was a house and offices.

Census 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891

Census statistics showed that in 1861 twenty two people lived in four houses; fourteen people lived in three houses in 1871 and also in 1881, and by 1891 just eight people occupied two houses.

1901 Census

The 1901 census showed that there was just one house in Coolbaun West, and named the landholder and head of family as Margaret Reilly.

Margaret Reilly

Margaret Reilly was head of family and a landholder. She was a 50 year old farmer and widowed.  Her daughter, Bridget, was 27, not married and listed as farmer’s daughter.  Her son, John, was 20, a farmer’s son, and he was not married.   Another daughter, Kate, was 13, listed as farmer’s daughter was not married and all could read and write.  They were born in Co. Galway and were Roman Catholics.

Form B 1 – House and Building Return – showed their private dwelling was 3rdclass.  It had walls of stone/brick or concrete and it had a thatch or wood roof.  They occupied 4 rooms.

They had 3 out-offices but cannot be listed as Form B 2 is not on line.

Margaret Reilly signed the census form which was collected on 9th April, 1901. The Enumerator was Michael Mulligan, Constable.

1911 Census

The 1911 census recorded the same information as in 1901 with Margaret Reilly as head of family.

Margaret Reilly

Margaret Reilly was head of family in the townland of Coolbaun West.  She was 69 and widowed.  She could read and write.  Her son-in-law, Thomas Mannion, aged 47, a farmer could also read and write.  He was married to Bridget, aged 39, for 8 years.  They had 6 children with 4 still living.  Bridget could read and write.  Their son, John J, was 6 and could not read.  Their daughter, Mary M, was also 6 years old.  Another son, Martin, was 4 and a second daughter, Delia was aged 1.  They were born in Co. Galway and were Roman Catholics.

Form B 1 showed that Margaret Reilly was the landholder on whose land her 3rd class private dwelling was built.  It had walls of stone/brick or concrete and a roof of thatch or wood.  They occupied 4 rooms.

Form B 2 – Return of Out-Offices and Farm – Steadings – listed their 3 out-offices: 1 stable, 1 cow house and 1 piggery.

Margaret Reilly signed the census form and the Enumerator was William Pender, Constable, and the form was collected on April 7th.

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