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Standard Name: Rathmorrissy

Irish Form:  Rath Muirgheasa

Translation:  O’Donovan Field Name Book translation is Morris’s fort

Other Forms of Name: Rathmorishine, Raghmurishin (in the 1600’s), Rathmorreshine Census 1821, Ramorrissy (Vestry Book 1826)

According to P.W. Joyce Ra, Ray, Raw, Rath; an ancient, fortified residence: the part of a place-name following Ra, Rath, Raheen, is very often a personal or family name.

Rathmorrissy is situated in the Barony of Athenry, two and a quarter miles West of Athenry bounded on the North by Poulnagrough, West by Castle Lambert, Cairaundhu, Tubberruah, South by Gortruah and East by Ballygarraun West.

O’Donovan’s Field Name Book

Records from this source (1860’s) list Rathmorrissy as the property of Lord Oranmore containing 617 statute acres, half of which is uncultivated, the remainder rough, heathy pasture and rocks.

The townlands that share a border with Rathmorrissy are:

Ballygurraun West






The Down Survey (1641 pre-Cromwell; 1670 post Cromwell) 

The map of this Barony was destroyed in 1711. No copies have, so far, come to light.

The Down Survey Name is Rahinorisin. The pre-Cromwell Owner was James Bodkin FitzArthur  (Protestant) and the post-Cromwell Owner was Dominick Browne (Protestant)

Griffith’s Valuation (1855) records 3 occupiers as:

Jonathan Corbishley 592 Acres 2 Roods, 3 Perches.  The rateable annual valuation for the land was £114.5s.0d and £13.15s. 0d for the buildings. Jonathan Corbishley held this “in Fee”

Midland and Great Western Railway Co. (MGW Railway Co.) held 2 Roods and 10 Perches with annual rateable valuation of 3 shillings. This also was held “in fee”.

Michael Mullowney leased from Jonathan Corbishley 24 Acres and 34 Perches with a rateable value of £7.5s and buildings with a rateable valuation of £1.

The total land area was 617Acres 1 Rood 7 Perches

The rateable valuation of the land was £121.13s.0d and of the buildings was £14.15 shillings, a total of £136.8s.

Currency then was Pounds, shillings and pence £ s d

The Immediate Lessor, Jonathan Corbishley was designated “In Fee”. In fee were freehold tenures, derived from a grant from the Crown. The “description of tenements” was land, out-offices and cottiers houses.

Tithe Applotment Books (1827)

The Tithe Applotment Book (Rental Applotment Valuation) has two entries for Rathmorrissy:

Dominick G. Browne 302 Acres, Annual Tithes £7.11s.02d

Timmy Keville   74 Acres, Annual tithes £1.17s.03d

The Tithes were calculated using pounds, shillings, and pence (£ s d).

Census 1821

In 1821 six families are recorded, each living in a single storey house. 36 people resided in Rathmorrissy 20 males and 16 females. The Census took place on 28 May 1821.

O’Hara’s James O’Hara (35), a Labourer, was Head of the Household, his wife Margaret (30), Sons Patt (10), Michael (7) and daughters Mary (12), Catherine (4) and Margaret O’Hara (2) complete the household.

Hothe’s  Patt Hothe (60), a Labourer was Head of the Household. In the house, on census night were: his wife Mary (50), son Patrick (22) a Labourer, son Michael (19) a Labourer, sons James (15), Martin (13) and daughters Catherine (18) Flax and Wool Spinner, occasionally employed and Mary (8).

Morrissey’s Patt Morrissey, (60), a Farmer and Labourer with 29 Acres. In the house were: his sons Thomas (23), a Labourer, John (14), Lawrence (9) and daughters Margaret (20) and Bridget Morrissey (12).

Cunniffe’s Terrence Cunniff (43) a Labourer with 1½ Acres was Head of the Household and with him were his Son Terrence (17) and Daughter Sally (10).

Cunniffe’s Thady Cunniff (66) a Labourer with 1 Acre was Head of the Household and with him were his Wife Mary (38), sons Thomas (13). Michael (9) and Patt (1) and his 3 daughters Bridget (11), Mary (7) and Margaret (5).

Flanigan’s Catherine Flanigan (60), a widow, was Head of the Household. With her were her 2 Sons and a daughter, Patt (19) a Labourer, William (16) and Catherine Flanigan (20).

Census 1901

In 1901 one family is recorded. 3 people resided in Rathmorrissey, 1 male and 2 females. All were Roman Catholics. Constable Richard Noonan was the Census enumerator. The census night was Sunday 31st March 1901, and the forms were collected on April 1st, 1901. The Head of the one Household was Bartholomew Corbishley.

Corbishley’s   Bartholomew Corbishley (50), a farmer, is Head of the Family. He was born in England and was not married. Living with him were his mother Jane Corbishley (75), married, born in the City of Dublin and his sister Martha Corbishley (52) born in England and not married. They were Roman Catholics and could read and write. They lived in a private house made of blocks, brick or concrete and had a roof of slate, iron or tiles. The house had 9 front windows; 9 rooms were occupied by the family. The house was deemed a 1st class house. There were 5 out-offices and farm steadings – a stable, cow house, coach house, harness room and a barn.

Census 1911 Rathmorrissey (in the District Electoral Division of Greethill)

In 1911 one house is recorded. 1 person resided in Rathmorrissey, a female. Constable Michael Hughes was the Census enumerator. The census night was Sunday 2nd April 1911, and the forms were collected on April 3rd, 1911. The Head of the one Household was Martha Corbishley.

Corbishley’s Martha Corbishley, 66, Unmarried, the sole occupant of the house and can read and write. A Roman Catholic, born in England. She has no profession and lives on a private income. This private house is made of blocks, brick or concrete and had a roof of slate, iron or tiles. The house had 5 front windows; 4 rooms were occupied, and it was deemed a 2nd  class house. There were 4 out-offices and farm steadings – a stable, cow house, piggery and a barn. John Kinneen was the Landholder on whose land the House is situated.

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