A Story About a Fox

Flaskagh More, Co. Galway

One night a fox entered a hen cabin through a hole in the door. He killed and ate as many hens as he possibly could and when he tried to make his escape through the hole in the door but found he was too fat. He lay down on the floor of the cabin and he pretended he was dead. Next morning when the farmer went to let out his hens he saw the fox lying on the floor of the cabin and he thought he was dead. He threw him out on to the street and the fox jumped up and ran away laughing to himself at the success of his trick.
On another occasion the fox went to the house of a certain angler who had caught a large fish in a nearby lake. The angler had the fish just cooked and left up on a plate to cool. The fox saw the fish and his mouth began to water. He was yearning to snatch it and eat it. The fox began to relate to the angler the story of his wonderful exploit in catching the fish and he told him all the people knew the story too.
All the while he kept edging nearer to the fish. The angler was getting excited and did not notice the fox’s movements until alas – it was too late. The fox made a lightning like jump, seized the fish and was gone out the door before the angler could do anything to stop him.

Collector: John Dowd, Flaskagh More, Co. Galway

Informant: Unknown

Place: Flaskagh More, Co. Galway

Footnote: Duchas, ‘The Schools’ Collection’, www.duchas.ie

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