A song – “Farewell to sweet Clonshivena I now bid you adieu”.

Windfield, Co. Galway

Farewell to sweet Clonshivena I now bid you adieu
Where I spent many a happy day among neighbours kind and true
For the people there lived in harmony for eternity they knew not.
I oftimes cry I tell no lie since I left that dear old spot.

Although we had to labour hard but yet, we were content.
We often had to cross the sea to try to make up the rent.
For landlordism was very cruel but they are now in their death bed.
Never again in Ireland will the tyrant raise his head.

In Winter time we often longed to have a fall of snow.
We would put on our over coats and a hunting we would go.
With guns and dogs we would traverse the bogs to chase the loftery hare.
It was our favourite pastime for our minds were free from care.

Then at night we would prepare to go looking for a dance.
We would cross the bog to Corcamoe it was our only chance.
For the youngster there was free and fair they knew no earthly pride

And when the weather turned fine and the winter passed and gone.
The next amusement that we had was the dance at Baile na gcrann.
Where young and old they did unite
To have a jolly spree.
For miles around they came in crowds to the dance at Buishe.

The Wooden Bridge was another place that fairly took our shine.
We met there every evening all in the Summer time.
We would light our pipes and have a smoke.
Also a jovial talk.

When our mind was satisfied homeward we would walk.
Of a holiday when we were out for a spree to Killkern we would go.
For the stranger always got respect in deal old Corcamoe.
When we met our school mates there we would join with heart and hand.
With fowing bumpers drink a health to dear old paddys land.

Then where are all those people now it is a mystery to know.
Some of them left their own dear home to a foreign land did go.
More of them mingled with the death.
I pray God may rest their soul.
A few of them are yet alive their familys to console.

What I have said about my native place
I am sure I am not ashamed.
If I could only add a few words more to them it was well due.
To all my dear old neigbours now once more I bid adieu

Collector: Delia Conell, Cloonavihony, Co. Galway

Informant: Thomas Ryan, Cloonavihony, Co. Galway

Place: Windfield, Co. Galway

Tags: emigration, song, farewell

Footnote: Duchas, http://www.duchas.ie

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