Townland link Updates for Moyrus Parish

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Roger Harrison

Moyrus DED:

Townland:                               Athry

Townland:                               Boheeshal

Townland:                               Caher

Townland:                               Canower

Townland:                               Cappaghoosh

Townland:                               Cashel

Townland:                               Cloonisle

Townland:                               Derryadd East

Townland:                               Derryneen

Townland:                               Derrysillagh

Townland:                               Doonreaghan

Townland:                               Garroman

Townland:                               Glencrees

Townland:                               Lehanagh South

Townland:                               Lettercaumus

Townland:                               Lettershinna

Townland:                               Lissoughter

Townland:                               Red Island

Townland:                               Rosroe

Townland:                               Scrahallia

Townland:                               Tawnaghbaun

Townland:                               Tawnaghmore

Derrycunlagh DED:

Townland:                               Aillenacally

Townland:                               Arkeen Beg

Townland:                               Arkeen More

Townland:                               Cushatrower

Townland:                               Derrycunlagh

Townland:                               Derryvickrune

Townland:                               Emlaghmore

Townland:                               Toombeola

Townland:                               Tullaghlummanbeg

Townland:                               Tullaghlumman More

Knockboy DED:

Townland:                               Ard East

Townland:                               Ardnacross Island

Townland:                               Ard West

Townland:                               Avery Island

Townland:                               Carna

Townland:                               Carra Island

Townland:                               Colt Island

Townland:                               Croaghnakeela Island

Townland:                               Cuilleen

Townland:                               Dooyeher

Townland:                               Duck Island

Townland:                               Freaghillaun

Townland:                               Glinsk

Townland:                               Halfmace

Townland:                               Illaunnacroaghbeg

Townland:                               Illaunnacroaghmore

Townland:                               Inishtreh

Townland:                               Inishbigger

Townland:                               Inishtroghen More

Townland:                              Knockboy

Townland:                               Letterard

Townland:                               Letterdeskert

Townland:                               Mace

Townland:                               Mason Island

Townland:                               Moyrus

Townland:                               Mweenish Island

Townland:                               Rusheennacholla

Townland:                               Rusheenyvulligan

Townland:                               St Macdara’s Island

Derrylea DED:

Townland:                               Derrylea

Townland:                               Gowlan West

Townland:                               Killymongaun

Owengowla DED:

Townland:                               Beaghy Island

Townland:                               Beaghy North

Townland:                               Bunnahown

Townland:                               Croghnut

Townland:                               Derryrush

Townland:                               Glenaruid

Townland:                               Gowla

Townland:                               Gowlan East

Townland:                               Greeve Island

Townland:                               Illaunard

Townland:                               Illaungorm North

Townland:                               Illaungorm South

Townland:                               Illaungurraig

Townland:                               Inishtravin

Townland:                               Kylesalia

Townland:                               Loughaconeera

Townland:                               Loughawee

Townland:                              North Island

Roundstone DED:

Townland:                               Errisbeg East

Townland:                               Errisbeg West

Townland:                               Ervallagh

Townland:                               Inishlacken

Townland:                               Inishnee

Townland:                               Letterdife

Townland:                               Murvey

Townland:                               Mutton Island

Townland:                               Oghly

Townland:                               Roundstone

Skannive DED:

Townland:                               Ardmore

Townland:                               Beagha

Townland:                               Birbeg Island

Townland:                               Birmore Island

Townland:                               Callancruck

Townland:                               Callowfinish

Townland:                               Dooletter East

Townland:                               Dooletter West

Townland:                               Finish Island

Townland:                               Glennaun

Townland:                               Illaunaknock

Townland:                               Illaunfadda

Townland:                               Illaunmaan

Townland:                               Illaunnakirka

Townland:                               Inishmuskerry

Townland:                               Kilkeiran

Townland:                               Kinnelly Islands

Townland:                               Letterpibrum

Townland:                               Rusheennamanagh

Townland:                               Shannadonnell

Townland:                               Shannawirra



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